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.:Junkrat:. by InsanityMuncher .:Junkrat:. :iconinsanitymuncher:InsanityMuncher 10 3 Seneko by InsanityMuncher Seneko :iconinsanitymuncher:InsanityMuncher 2 9
Closer - Part 6 - (Agent 47 x OC)
I run away from the motel, and ran into the bald man again. I stared up at him, perplexed, and then pointed at him, “YOU SMELL DUMB AND GAY”
He nodded, “My name is Jeff”
I replied, “HUUUHH??” [Tim Allen home improvement grunt]
Then he shot me
No witnesses.
The end????????????????????
Yes, it’s the end. It’s fucking over. Pls stop sending me requests to continue this shite. Agent 47 is gay. You’re gay. If one more goddamn pervert asks me to continue this smut shit, I will fucking kill them. I am contemplating suicide just thinking about it. STOP IT.
:iconinsanitymuncher:InsanityMuncher 2 2
Closer - Part 5 - (Agent 47 x OC)
  I opened up my heavy eyes and pulled my phone out of my pocket to see the time. It was about 6 am. I sat up and saw 47 sleeping on the couch. I brought my hands up to stretch, and then rubbed the sleep out of my eyes just before quietly getting out of bed. I walked over to my backpack, unzipping it as I pulled out a few wads of cash, and peeked out of the window to look at a shopping plaza across the street. To my surprise, there were a few boutiques and clothing stores open. I glanced at 47, and decided to grab a sticky note from on top of the nightstand, using the pen next to it to write on it and let him know where I'll be if he wakes up. I then stick the note onto the door, and then very quietly, open the door, go outside, and close it back up.
  I look both ways before crossing the street, and walk into the plaza. The moment I set foot in the first store, I started shopping until I dropped. I hadn't realized how much time had passed until I looked at my phone to see it
:iconinsanitymuncher:InsanityMuncher 11 9
Closer - Part 4 - (Agent 47 x OC)
  "So, uh, where are we going... 47?" It had been nearly an hour and I was getting bored.
  "Tokyo, Japan," He replied, not taking his eyes off of the road.
  "Tokyo?" I looked over at him, "Why Tokyo?"
  "For reasons. I need to make a stop somewhere, so we won't be leaving until tomorrow afternoon."
  I tilted my head for a moment, not bothering to ask what the stop was, sense he would probably wouldn't tell me. I adjusted my seat so I could lean back, staring out of the window.
  "What is your name?"
  I went deep in thought for a moment, and then shrugged, "I can't remember."
  I glanced over at him, seeing him deep in thought before I spoke quietly, "You can call me what you want, but I really don't remember my name."
  "I believe you."
  "You do? I mean because every time I tell someone I can't remember my name they call me a liar or threaten me at gun point," I shrug.
  "Gun point?"
  "Yeah. By the way, can I take my cuf
:iconinsanitymuncher:InsanityMuncher 6 0
Closer - Part 3 - (Agent 47 x OC)
  What the Hell kind of name was 47? Numbers for a name? I shook my head, ignoring it as I heard loud footsteps approaching, a few men calling out to each other. I kept the knife at his throat and grabbed cuffs from my jean pockets, cuffing his wrists quickly as I could as I ushered him into the wooden crate.
  "Stay here," I lowered the cover and crouched down, peeking out of the windows of the office. I counted the amount of guys out there. There were about six of them, all heavily armed. I spotted a vent, opening it up and cringing as a rat ran out of it. I mentally hoped that was the only one, crawling in and heading towards the light coming from the other side. I peeked out, seeing no one around and I took that as my cue to exit the vent. Three of the men were in a group, conversing with each other, while the other three were scattered around the room. I made a plan in my head, and then smirked.
  I quickly moved between trashcans and other forms of hiding places, u
:iconinsanitymuncher:InsanityMuncher 9 3
Closer - Part 2 - (Agent 47 x OC)
  Humming to myself, I brought my scooter to a halt in the parking garage of the casino. I dug through my bag, pulling out a black wig to hide my own blonde locks, so no one can identify me correctly if there are witnesses. I put it on quickly, grabbing all of my things before hopping off of my ride and grinning deviously. I walked towards the elevator, pressing the button as I waited for it to arrive. As the doors opened and I walked in, choosing the 3rd floor, I couldn't help but notice a suited figure whiz by the elevator quickly, peaking my interest. I tried to stop the doors from closing with my hands, but the effort was in vain as they closed. I let out an irritated sigh, leaning on the wall of the elevator and picking the 3rd floor.
  "Maybe I'm losing it," I laughed to myself.
  The elevator stopped at the second floor, and a few guys with guns walked into the elevator with me. I blinked nervously, glancing at one of them and seeing they were security. I froze up
:iconinsanitymuncher:InsanityMuncher 7 0
Closer - Part 1 - (Agent 47 x OC)
  I smirked to myself, putting on my mask as I parked my scooter by the back of the Chicago gas station. I readied my equipment, making sure the bandage around my chest was as tight as I could get it. I grabbed my keys and my backpack, keeping my back against the wall as I slowed my breathing, peeking my head around the corner and looking through the windows and pin-pointing every security camera in the vicinity. Seeing there was no sign of any witnesses other that the man at the register, I stuck my keys into my pocket, and pulled a pistol out from the thick black sweater that protected me from the cold. Quickly, I rounded the corner, entering the stations mini-mart as I quickly shot out the security cameras, and then pointed the gun at the short guy working the register.
  "Put your hands up!" I ordered, trying to mask my voice and speaking in the deepest voice I could.
  As I had demanded, the man put his hands in the air, "Ye-yes sir, of c--"
  "I don't want to
:iconinsanitymuncher:InsanityMuncher 13 3
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It's a goddamned mouse. A dead damn mouse, and the best mouse in the world. Damn son! Look at that mouse! "Yeah, son, it be dead" "Dayu...

Stuff I critique. Bitch.


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