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I just found this lying around somewhere. Don't know who originally came up with it. ;v;


1) Pick 2-5 characters that are new
2) Don't change the question
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)
4) Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5) Have fun!

1. Insanity
2. Claudite
3. Evangeline


1. Welcome to the world of OC's! Now, who are you (name, gender), how old are you and what species are you?

Insanity: No one ever called me by my name for a long time, so I forgot it. People call me Insanity, though. I'm a girl, and I'm almost 200 years old now.. I think. I am a precise Goliathan-Suspirnii mix, a perfect balance between the two species.

Claudite: Unlike Insanity, I remembered everything about myself. My name is Claudite Voctio. I am over 500 years old, and rule amongst the Capric house. I am just Goliathan.

Insanity: You know, Claudite, Capric can mean weak in Latin.

Claudite: :stare:

Evangeline: A-ahem.. My name is Evangeline Vi. I am only 15 years old, and I belong to the Inspirnii species.

2. Describe how you look like now! 

Insanity: Right now? Hmm.. Blonde-blue-purple highlighted hair in super long twin-tails, pale skin, face markings consisting of three dots under each eye and a stripe on each cheek, bright aqua eyes, and naked in bed.

Claudite: ...Naked?

Insanity: Mm-hmm. It asked what I look like right now.

Claudite: Hm. I have black hair that comes down to my waist, bright purple eyes, a grey-ish complexion, a stripe that ranges across my cheeks and over my nose, and a 5'o'clock shadow that the ladies can't resist. :iconsexybrowsplz:

Evangeline: I have normal skin compared to these dorks. One of my eyes is all jacked up and totally black, but I hide it with short, spiky true blue hair. My other eye is a dark red color, but people always mistake it for brown. I got a really bad gash that left me with a scar across the bridge of my nose, but I hide that with a band aid. I also have these weird birth marks on each of my cheeks, just two little lines, kinda like anime blush. 

3. Good good! Now lets see, why do you think you were created? What do you think your creators inspiration was for you?

Insanity: *Shrug* I was just floating around in her head.

Claudite: Same here.

Evangeline: *Sigh* She was watching too much Gorillaz when she came up with me.

4. Oh I understand! So are you looking for a relationship?

Insanity: U-uhm.. Well.. There is someone I'm interested in..

Claudite: As long as she has big boobies, I'm up for anything.

Evangeline: I don't do relationships..

5. Interesting...So what is your purpose as a character in this world?

Insanity: Either world domination, or protector of world. Who knows?

Claudite: Comedy relief, probably.

Evangeline: I like to take all kinds of jobs, and sometimes I like fighting with Insanity for fun!

6. Awesome! Now how would you describe yourself?

Insanity: Hm.. I guess I can be pretty shy, but if I have to, I'll get straight to the point and hope I don't embarrass myself..

Claudite: I'm obviously a sexy ladies man. *Strikes a confident pose* :iconposeplz:

Evangeline: I think I'm the badass of the bunch. *Puts on shades and crosses arms intensely*

7. Now how would your friends describe you?

Insanity: Well, Claudite calls me a raging lunatic when I'm mad, and Evangeline says I'm weak, but she's just too prideful for her own good. *Snicker* She always loses our fights.

Claudite: Insanity probably thinks I'm a sexy beast, and sweet wittle Evangeline probably thinks I'm a sex god. 

Evangeline: They probably all respect me.

8. Do you have any abilities?

Insanity: *Nod, nod, nod* I've studied magic for a very long time, and I have received numerous natural gifts and talents due to my heritage. For example, I am one of the few in the world gifted with the off phenominom known as " lauit ater corpora sanguis," or simply, "black-blood". With it, I can heal almost instantly, I can easily regenerate lost limbs, I can alter my body with it, and create objects and formations such as a cage or an entire castle with it, among other abilities. It is even stronger than graphene, the strongest material on Earth.

Claudite: Sure. I can teleport long distances, shape-shift, temporarily resurrect the dead, and even bring inanimate objects to life. I can do a lot more, but I like to keep most of my talents a secret..

Evangeline: Yep! I am skilled at wielding fire, and I can summon familiars to do my bidding. I can do other stuff to, but I'm still practicing!

9. Okay, so hate anyone or a certain thing?

Insanity: I hate a lot of things. I hate how sometimes my ear-buds get tangled, or when my shoes randomly come untied. I also dislike a variety of people. My least favorite person is probably Claudite; he gets jealous when I talk to others, and sometimes he's really mean to me..

Claudite: I really don't like tapioca..

Evangeline: Geese.

10. Mh, enough of hate, how about love? Do you love anyone or something...Maybe some sort of fetish? 

Insanity: Well, I really like candy and stuffed animals. I also love video games, and kittens, and soft things, and cute stuff, and Mepphy, and Gundam, and anime, and manga, and... *She goes on and on*

Caludite: Being in pain turns me on. And I love INSANITY~CHAAAN!

Evangeline: Meh. I like fire alright.

11. Enough teasing you now! So tell us what you thought of this meme, is it your first?

Insanity: I thought it was alright. Not my first, though. I've taken quite a few in the past.

Claudite: This is the first meme I've every been included in. I guess you took my meme virginity.

Evangeline: Eheh. It was okay, I guess. DEFINITELY not my first meme.

12. Alright it is done now! You can tag if you want to.

All: We tag :iconginganinja98:!

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